Focus on closingWe'll handle the back-office

Trestle is a Brokerage-In-A-Box.Supercharge your transactions, compliance, and commissions from signing to close with our AI-powered transaction management platform and coordinators.

Close more with Trestle

Brokerages require tools that blend efficiency, intuition, and innovation. Trestle aims to redefine the transaction management process, ensuring every transaction coordinator is empowered with cutting-edge tools tailored for excellence.

Seamless Intake and Agent-Coordinator Collaboration

The transition from agents to transaction coordinators should be seamless. Trestle's flexible intake forms ensure that every vital detail, timestamp, and nuance is captured. With deep integrations with your CRM and accounting tools, Trestle is infinitely adaptable.

Dynamic Checklists

From the first step to the last, Trestle's checklists are designed to delegate tasks with clarity. As your real estate operations expand, trust Trestle to simplify delegation, integrating tasks for everyone — from agents and clients to insurers — and ensuring smooth closings.

Authentic Automated Reminders

With Trestle's AI transaction coordinator, one TC can do the work of many whether crafting emails regarding the {closing date}, reminders about the {due diligence deadline}, or crucial alerts about the {financing deadline}, ensuring your stakeholders always remain in the loop.

AI-Reviewed Compliance

Gone are the days of juggling multiple file storage solutions, or the download-upload-download pipeline to/from DocuSign. With Trestle's document repository, sending, reviewing, and managing documents is a breeze. Broker review is also acellerated by scanning uploaded PDFs with AI.

Deeply Integrated with Existing Systems

Real estate operations hinge on accurate and prompt data entry. Trestle rises to this challenge by turning your CRM's data into an invaluable asset, ready at your fingertips for every transaction. Data stored in Trestle is also easily accessible via flexible APIs.